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great_mazinger racism subtitles tagme // 640x960 // 99.2KB futari_wa_pretty_cure great_mazinger kabuto_kouji mazinger_z parody pretty_cure tsurugi_tetsuya // 672x800 // 509.4KB combattler_v daitarn-3 double_zeta_gundam freedom_gundam gaogaigar getter_robo getter_robo_g great_mazinger gunbuster gundam ideon king_jder koutetsu_jeeg mazinger mazinkaiser mobile_suit_zeta_gundam neon_genesis_evangelion nu_gundam raideen shin_getter_robo super_robot_wars vf-19 vf-19_kai vf-1s virtua-on wing_zero_gundam // 1024x768 // 465.5KB