Fanservice FTW

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8_man absolutely_everyone battle_angle_alita battle_of_the_planets cashern crossover cutie_honey devillady devilman devilman_lady fanart g_force gar go_nagai guyver kamen_rider ken neo_human_cashern sailor_moon science_ninja_team_gatchaman tagme // 900x578 // 191.5KB go_nagai go_nagai_sideburns kabuto_koji kabuto_kouji mazinger_z subtitles tagme // 618x466 // 71.8KB dororon_enma-kun enma-kun go_nagai mazinger parody subtitles // 1279x718 // 162.6KB go_nagai koji_kabuto // 200x98 // 6.6KB animated_gif boob_missiles go_nagai oppai_missiles // 400x220 // 197.5KB