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geordi_la_forge levar_burton may_the_fourth pun star_trek star_trek_the_next_generation tng // 540x410 // 48.3KB crossover geordi_la_forge katawa_shoujo lolwut satou_lilly star_trek star_trek_the_next_generation the_next_generation tng visor // 743x530 // 231.8KB albert_wesker barack_obama captain_america dat_ass dexter dexter's_lab dog engineer geordi_la_forge k-on k-on! k-on!! kirby legend_of_zelda levar_burton link little_big_planet michael_jackson recess resident_evil sackboy star_trek sunglasses t.j._detweiler tagme tainaka_ritsu team_fortress_2 tng // 768x1024 // 245.7KB data geordi_la_forge lieutenant_commander_data star_trek the_next_generation watermarked you_broke_the_rules // 500x382 // 20.8KB