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absolutely_everyone aerith amarant auron bahamut barret biran_ronso black_magician cactuar cait_sith carbunkle cecil cefka chocobo cloud_strife faggot fighter final_fantasy fran freya garland garnet hojo ifrit irvane kain kuja lighting lightning lulu moogle mystic_knight odin penelo periodic_table ramuh red_mage relm_arrowny reno rifa rikku rydia sabin sephiroth setzer seymour_guado siren squall_leonhart terra terrato thief tiamat tidus ultima umaro vaan white_mage yojimbo yuffie yuna zidane // 1550x1000 // 906.1KB final_fantasy garland lolwut wtf // 1000x1150 // 509.3KB