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animated_gif donald_duck donald_trump // 640x640 // 221.9KB donald_duck goofy murder tagme // 599x796 // 130.5KB berserk crossover disney donald_duck griffith guts mickey_mouse // 617x869 // 311.1KB donald_duck goofy mickey_mouse minnie_mouse star_wars tagme // 800x533 // 187.2KB anchor chen donald_duck flash hijiri_byakuren kaenbyou_rin kumoi_ichirin murasa_minamitsu nazrin toramaru_shou touhou // 512x384 // 3.1MB disney donald_duck vector // 1016x1088 // 213.6KB donald_duck kingdom_hearts webcomic // 650x1060 // 129.8KB disney donald_duck // 1016x1088 // 213.1KB