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crossover date_a_live dog_days fatestay_night tagme // 900x1221 // 130.5KB dog_days pizza_hut tagme // 1680x1050 // 600.5KB dog_days tagme // 1200x750 // 165.6KB dog_days screencap tagme // 850x954 // 163.6KB dog_days tagme // 1280x720 // 125.1KB dog_days quality tagme you're_doing_it_wrong // 371x492 // 50.0KB cosplay dog_days eclair_martinozzi k-on k-on! k-on!! nakano_azusa parody seiyuu_joke taketatsu_ayana // 764x1052 // 601.4KB cosplay cure_melody dog_days koshimizu_ami leonmitchelli_galette_des_rois precure pretty_cure seiyuu_joke suite_precure tagme // 764x1052 // 784.2KB boobs breasts dog_days elfleda_mirjasdottir horie_yui lotte_no_omocha millhiore_f_biscotti seiyuu_joke // 566x800 // 147.7KB dog_days horo koshimizu_ami leonmitchelli_galette_des_rois seiyuu_joke spice_and_wolf // 764x1052 // 639.0KB azunyan dog_days eclair_martinozzi k-on k-on! k-on!! maximum_risky nakano_azusa seiyuu_joke taketatsu_ayana // 700x500 // 254.6KB cosplay dog_days fate_testarossa mizuki_nana ricotta_elmar seiyuu_joke // 764x1052 // 702.8KB dog_days gay rebecca_anderson subtitles // 1282x719 // 285.6KB