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animated_gif clap clapping miyauchi_renge non_non_biyori reaction_image // 600x337 // 1.0MB animated_gif clap tagme // 200x265 // 1.3MB animated_gif chopsticks chuunibyou_demo_koi_ga_shitai clap eating tagme // 500x281 // 93.6KB animated_gif chopsticks chuunibyou_demo_koi_ga_shitai clap eating tagme takanashi_rikka // 500x281 // 1022.9KB animated_gif clap men reaction_image slow_clap society_of_uncompromising_men tagme wiser's_whisky wiserhood // 320x240 // 1.5MB animated_gif clap deal_with_it sunglasses tagme // 500x281 // 2.3MB animated_gif clap tagme // 500x278 // 118.2KB animated_gif clap fail fall football jets lolwut madden patriots programming safety tagme trip video_games // 640x360 // 14.3MB animated_gif clap jumping tagme // 460x258 // 489.7KB animated_gif clap tagme // 480x360 // 349.0KB animated_gif clap tagme // 320x240 // 185.0KB animated_gif brendan_fraser clap golden_globes lolwut // 274x209 // 463.0KB animated_gif batman clap heath_ledger joker the_dark_knight // 159x149 // 149.0KB