Fanservice FTW

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chair tagme // 498x302 // 24.3KB chair smirk tagme when_you_see_it // 600x450 // 84.2KB animated_gif chair leaf_blower spinning // 200x190 // 1023.2KB animated_gif chair tagme // 350x191 // 988.8KB chair diglett lolwut pokemon // 320x402 // 11.5KB animated_gif chair hirasawa_yui k-on k-on! k-on!! // 225x300 // 515.2KB chair octopus tagme // 540x526 // 105.3KB azumanga_daioh chair flash tagme // 320x240 // 731.1KB animated_gif chair kamitsuki_yuka kemonozume lolwut momota_toshihiko // 300x169 // 962.8KB chair flash lolwut tagme wrestling // 384x288 // 3.9MB 4chan chair glasses image_macro lolwut // 425x589 // 33.1KB animated_gif awesome chair lolwut thumbs_up // 300x199 // 1.5MB