Fanservice FTW

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absolute_duo capitalism tagme // 1024x600 // 390.8KB capitalism ceo parody patriarchy tagme wikipedia // 570x238 // 60.6KB capitalism communism corporatism economics fascism politics socialism tagme two_cows // 960x7553 // 3.7MB capitalism lemongrass_recette recettear tagme // 432x451 // 188.1KB capitalism expectations_vs_reality hirasawa_ui hirasawa_yui k-on k-on! k-on!! lemongrass_recette moe recettear tagme what_i_watched // 1008x387 // 138.4KB capitalism economics monster_truck socialism tagme // 748x598 // 114.0KB bakemonogatari capitalism hachikuji_mayoi nisemonogatari pantsu subtitles // 1280x718 // 186.4KB america capitalism democracy freedom occupy_wall_street parody protest tagme zombies // 600x400 // 73.4KB capitalism lemongrass_recette recettear tear video_games // 1022x764 // 1.3MB