Fanservice FTW

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battlefield call_of_duty meme parody spongebob_squarepants tagme // 612x612 // 37.3KB activision advanced_warfare call_of_duty crysis crytek ea parody // 678x960 // 100.0KB animated_gif call_of_duty epic looney_tunes tagme // 351x197 // 2.9MB call_of_duty future pokedex pokemon twilight xatu yolo // 500x637 // 188.7KB black_ops call_of_duty hirasawa_yui k-on k-on! k-on!! parody // 728x800 // 275.1KB call_of_duty tagme this_is_true xbox_360 // 478x674 // 118.7KB akemi_homura call_of_duty crossover puella_magi_madoka_magica // 882x1150 // 739.3KB call_of_duty cops parody police video_games // 416x588 // 45.3KB call_of_duty pepsi tagme // 1024x768 // 235.2KB call_of_duty modern_warfare modern_warfare_2 steam tagme // 946x788 // 120.0KB call_of_duty halo tagme team_fortress_2 // 500x1111 // 163.6KB call_of_duty canyon flash kirby modern_warfare tagme // 480x360 // 2.8MB activision bad_company_2 battlefield call_of_duty garufurendo infinity_ward kill_yourself modern_warfare modern_warfare_2 mw2 playstation_3 ps3 quotes sony // 722x1000 // 229.1KB call_of_duty kochiya_sanae miko modern_warfare_2 moriya_shrine parody spell_card touhou yasaka_kanako zun // 1032x1600 // 544.6KB