Fanservice FTW

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bullet gun kill_yourself suicide tears touhou // 251x234 // 9.1KB animated_gif bullet gun tagme // 289x250 // 1.5MB bullet gun magnets troll_face // 500x371 // 71.1KB bullet tagme // 704x529 // 41.8KB bullet busujima_saeko high_school_of_the_dead lolwut math math,_lots_of // 1000x1000 // 234.6KB animated_gif bullet gun tagme // 240x101 // 672.1KB animated_gif boobs breasts bullet busujima_saeko high_school_of_the_dead physics this_is_possible zombies // 320x180 // 2.2MB animated_gif bullet slow_motion // 259x187 // 952.6KB animated_gif bullet gun // 300x225 // 1.8MB bullet doctor forceps healing jesus scalpel // 1024x768 // 93.4KB bullet itasha macross_f macross_frontier maximum_risky sheryl_nome // 480x800 // 88.3KB