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2012 election joe_biden paul_ryan politics tagme united_states vice_president // 960x636 // 115.5KB 2012 anime anime_chart bakuman chart fall gintama gothicmade hayate_no_gotoku initial_d jojo's_bizarre_adventure little_busters! medaka_box robotics;notes sailor_moon seitokai_no_ichizon tagme to_love-ru tonari_no_kaibutsu-kun // 2000x7121 // 4.6MB 2012 gymnastics london mckayla_maroney medal meme not_impressed olympics scowl usa // 500x548 // 77.4KB 2012 gymnastics london mckayla_maroney ninja olympics perfect vault // 500x274 // 2.3MB 2012 anime anime_chart chart fall tagme // 1870x4844 // 2.7MB 2012 barack_obama democrat election mitt_romney newt_gingrich political_compass politics president republican rick_santorum ron_paul united_states // 498x400 // 17.8KB 2012 barack_obama democrat election mitt_romney newt_gingrich political_compass politics president republican rick_santorum ron_paul tzion united_states // 523x438 // 50.0KB 2012 america economics election gold_leader gold_standard parody politics president ron_paul star_wars // 547x410 // 134.0KB 2012 jon_huntsman politics tagme who_cut_the_cheese // 605x328 // 89.7KB 2012 election rick_santorum ron_paul tagme // 500x454 // 364.3KB 2012 debt deficit economics election government government_spending income keynesian_economics medicaid medicare military politics president ron_paul social_security taxes united_states // 1000x1100 // 429.3KB 2012 election jedi lightsaber obi-wan_kenobi parody politics president ron_paul star_wars // 809x988 // 125.3KB 2012 america bailout bank_of_america bank_of_scotland banking barack_obama barclays bear_sterns bnp_paribas citigroup corporatism corruption credit_suisse deutsche_bank economics election federal_reserve goldman_sachs jp_morgan_chase keynesian_economics lehman_brothers merrill_lynch mitt_romney morgan_stanley politics president royal_bank_of_scotland ubs ubs_ag united_states wells_fargo // 604x373 // 65.1KB 2012 america election iran iraq peace president propaganda united_states war war_propaganda weapons_of_mass_destruction // 960x577 // 44.3KB 2012 anime chart spring // 1810x2944 // 4.4MB 2012 anime chart winter // 1810x4580 // 6.0MB 2012 america election isolationism logic non-interventionism politics president ron_paul united_states // 720x450 // 45.0KB 2008 2012 america election frontrunner media new_hampshire politics president reporters ron_paul united_states // 596x771 // 163.6KB 2012 adolf_hitler america communism constitution cuba dictator election facism fidel_castro freedom germany indefinite_detention joseph_stalin liberty mao_zedong myanmar national_defense_authorization_act nazi ndaa north_korea president ron_paul russia soviet_union third_reich totalitarianism true_story tyranny united_states ussr // 612x612 // 149.4KB 2012 air_force america election patriot patriotism politics president rand_paul ron_paul united_states // 960x642 // 180.1KB 2012 mitt_romney politics tagme // 260x320 // 93.6KB 2012 america election freedom liberty politics president ron_paul united_states // 1440x900 // 114.8KB 2012 anime chart tagme winter // 1870x4424 // 2.5MB 2012 cnn election jon_huntsman media_bias media_blackout mitt_romney newt_gingrich politics president rick_santorum ron_paul united_states // 424x308 // 120.8KB 2012 barack_obama democrat election newt_gingrich peace politics president republican rick_santorum ron_paul war // 1462x524 // 728.1KB 2008 2012 barack_obama dictator election hope indefinite_detention national_defense_authorization_act ndaa parody politics president tyranny // 392x702 // 339.6KB 2012 america election newt_gingrich politics president ron_paul united_states // 490x676 // 96.5KB 2012 america election freedom liberty logic president racism ron_paul slavery tyranny united_states youtube // 661x115 // 23.3KB 2012 america bailout barack_obama dictator drug_war economics election evolution freedom indefinite_detention liberty national_defense_authorization_act ndaa patriot_act peace politics president ron_paul tyranny united_states war // 952x2872 // 453.4KB 2012 america at_first barack_obama dictator election national_defense_authorization_act ndaa politics president reaction_image ron_paul tyranny united_states xzibit // 478x1208 // 122.0KB 2012 mitt_romney newt_gingrich politics tagme // 400x300 // 79.2KB 2012 budget economics economy election president ron_paul tagme // 714x924 // 135.8KB 2012 america constitution defibrillator election founding_fathers george_washington james_madison politics president ron_paul tagme thomas_jefferson united_states // 511x575 // 54.6KB 2012 economics election herman_cain housing_bubble politics president recession republican ron_paul tagme united_states // 720x348 // 61.2KB